Will Njoku has been hired by youth, coaches and parents at school, club and university levels to share the tools that made him one of the best shooters of the 1994 NBA Draft Class.  During his time with the Indiana Pacers, Will refined his skills on proper footwork and rhythm with tips received from NBA legend Reggie Miller.  But, you don’t have to be an NBA player to understand a good shot is the engine that drives a great skill set.  The mechanics of shooting lies within muscle memory.  This is created by repetition of simple but sound principles of proper shooting.  Mastering techniques to building sound shooting (and footwork) habits are the focus of shooting clinics.

Participants learn to Set their feet, Aim high, Follow through, Every day (S.A.F.E.).  This philosophy is the heart of all Will2Win programs.  We work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide tangible results. Players can work alone or with friends and siblings.



S.A.F.E. Skills camps are for kids involved in organized basketball at school, club and community levels. We offer beginning basketball and advance basketball camps. Groups are arranged by age and gender. The small group size represents a philosophy of learning 5on5 team play by perfecting concepts of 3on3 team play. Coaches to camper ratios are low, thus providing a significant increase in repetitions, individual attention and an overall fun atmosphere.

Contact us if you’d like to host Will in your community.

Shooting Clinics

If Will happens to be a guest speaker at your school (awesome), consider having him stay and work with kids from your school team, club team or community basketball organization after school hours.  To get to know Will better, he also offers one and two day shooting and footwork clinics on weekends, and anytime school is not in session (Christmas Break, March Break etc.) Invite coaches and parents to observe and/or participate in the learning.

Private Lessons:

Players can work alone or with friends and siblings. Session one is an evaluation.  A plan will be created to improve technique, consistency and speed.  Observation, a break-down of concern areas, a build-up of technique, drills to build confidence and “homework” summarize each session.

Sessions last one hour and will be conducted at mutually convenient time and locations.

Elements of focus during sessions include:

  • Confidence building
  • Ball handling
  • Offensive and defensive 1 on 1
  • Shooting
  • Defensive and offensive footwork
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Post play
  • Goal setting
  • Academics

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