“To feel like your life has purpose, your mental and emotional well-being has to be the foundation of your WILL2WIN. It’s all about attitude. Your Willpower is there to discipline your attitude so you can SAFE-ly pursue success no matter what the obstacle is.” – Will Njoku

Will embraces opportunities to bring the gospel into his messages.

Suggested audience: University, High School, Middle School
Rate: upon request

Duration: 60 min.

Will’s dream to compete in the Olympics collapsed in an Argentinian arena. He cried afterward in the locker room. But he didn’t give up because the experience and lessons learned on his way to that failure taught him that failure is temporary. Winning also comes and goes, but our Will2Win is anchored on a pursuit, not the goal. The discipline, intensity and unity he employed in positioning himself to have a shot at the Olympics taught him skills that are transferable. It helped him when the time came to transition into new opportunities where failure, to some degree, would occur.

Even standing 6 foot 9, navigating through life can require a GPS. Ask Will Njoku how many times he’s had to recalculate and you’d be amazed. But it sometimes comes with a high cost. At one point Will was so severely depressed, he considered ending his life. But what has kept him moving forward is his WILL2WIN.

Now his WILL2WIN is shared in “A Will”, a story that encourages inspiration, prevention and leadership skills to surface so to help students fuel their WILL2WIN.

Stuents will learn that to be a winner you must determine:

who you are willing to be,
where you are willing to go,
what you are willing to accept, and
what you are willing to do today

Suggested audience: Corporate
Rate: upon request

Duration: 60 min.

Business executives and Mental Health Experts are engaging in a conversation to better understand and confront the alarming rise in mental illness in the global economy. The attitude and response of co-workers and managers to circumstances individuals are placed in must change. Business is about outcomes, but for whom and what benefit and at what cost?

Will Njoku knows from experience how the pressure to always be “on” at work and at home can become exhausting and, in his case, life threatening. A successful world class athlete, It was not until it was almost too late did Will avoid becoming a casualty of mental health issues. These same issues tear organizations apart one employee at a time. What is happening to our workforce is real. People are tired, out of gas and it shows at a loss of $51 billion a year in workforce capacity in Canada.

Whether he was managing his career as a professional athlete working with agents, managers and coaches or changing a culture as an Athletic Director working closely with coaches, staff and students, his Will2Win never let him down. His message expresses our need to address, manage and encourage practices that maximize brainpower in the workplace.

“A Win” is a personal story that will help your organization engage in winning practices to maintain momentum by seeking a more brain-healthy work environment for an increasingly absent and unproductive workforce.

First Impressions: Little people learning to make a BIG impression.

Suggested audience: Kindergarten to Grade 2.           Rate:$300

Duration: 25 min sessions

The year was 1993. Somewhere in rural Nova Scotia, Will’s University basketball team stopped to grab fast food on their way home from a game. While Will was waiting in line to order, a young child, in the next line, said in a very soft voice, “Look Daddy, that man’s hands are black!”. Gasps of astonishment and whispering quickly filled the room. So, how did Will respond? He walked over to her and said, “Well sugar, you’re right. We are all different on the outside, but on the inside, “ revealing his palms to her, “we’re all the same”.

That encounter inspired Will’s First Impressions presentation. And it leaves an impression, as students laugh and wiggle while they learn the importance of a good first impression and that we are all worthy of friendship no matter how we look.

Word Up! – Literacy

Suggested audience: Students/Youth          Rate: $500

Duration: 55 min.

When Will became acquainted with the global issue of illiteracy, his appreciation for his education and his love of reading were reinforced.  It also inspired him to take training to become a volunteer literacy tutor, and soon Word Up! was born.

Word Up! was created to help youth understand that being smart is cool.  Pump up the volume and watch as Will instills a love of the written word and for learning through a language kids love to hear: music. So, what’s the word? Word up!

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