“His message is inspiring and has an incredible effect on young people. The kids focus. The SAFE game plan will teach students to identify the importance of planting, pointing, pushing and practicing their Will2Win.”Amy Theriault, BSW/RSW Digby County SchoolsPlus Facilitator



Everyone wants to be a winner. But winning is never automatic.

We hear the statistics. Substance abuse among young people. Bullying in schools and workplaces. Domestic violence. Absenteeism in workplaces. Suicides. But nobody wants to be a statistic. We all want to win.

In order for us to win it takes the full engagement of our WILL2WIN to face challenges and overcome them.

Will Njoku knows this all too well. Standing close to 7 feet tall, he has a unique perspective on the true meaning of the word ‘winner’ and how maintaining a WILL2WIN can lead to positive outcomes in every arena of life.

A successful professional athlete, he managed to journey to the highest points of athletics, including an Olympic and NBA experience. But throughout his youth he experienced turmoil and tragedy in his home life. Then, at the age of 29, Will was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, conditions he had been battling unknowingly since the first grade.

Every life has adversities. Will is living proof that where there’s a will there’s a way. The question is: “How did he manage to develop and sustain a burning desire to accomplish his goals, while daily facing trauma, temptation and tragedy?”

Sharing the tools that fueled his WILL2WIN so that you can be a winner too, Will shows you how to set your feet; aim high; follow through; every day (S.A.F.E). He will teach you that to be a winner you must determine:

who you are willing to be,
where you are willing to go,
what you are willing to accept, and
what you are willing to do today

Because winning is not automatic, it’s what you are willing to do to succeed that really counts. Will Njoku’s S.A.F.E. method will show you how to be a winner, no matter what challenges you face.

Everyone wants to be a winner. You can be a winner.

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